A young enterprise with extensive experience

About Yuki

Yuki was founded in 2007 by Arco van Nieuwland, Lucas Brentjens and Sebastian Toet. The founders have got years of experience in the development of administrative software (Exact software). In the first two years, there was put a lot of work exclusively in the innovative platform through which users receive Yuki’s unique “Scan-mail-ready” service.

Meanwhile, Yuki has grown to a company with 52 employees and over 240 Yuki accounting firms. More than 7,000 entrepreneurs are working with Yuki’s unique accounting platform.

Yuki’s origin

Along with fingers, small stones were at the base of our counting system. The counting stones eventually led to numbers and to the development of mathematics. But also to the description of our world and our knowledge of the universe. Of all counting stones, there is a very special one. It is a small Japanese stone called Yuki.

The perfect stone

Yuki stones are made of what the Japanese consider to be the highest quality stone, with a clear, tight grain. On a Yuki-stone the grain runs straight, with no bend or curve.

Many consider Yuki as perfect white stones.

Entrepreneurs behind Yuki

Lucas Brentjens
CEO Yuki

Arco van Nieuwland
CTO Yuki

Sebastian Toet
Chief Software Architect