VAT declaration

Yuki always automatically declares all VAT. All amounts are automatically recorded in a draft tax return in Yuki. It is possible for Yuki to check and send your VAT returns monthly. You can also choose to send the tax returns yourself or let it be taken care of your accountant.

Yuki takes care of your VAT declaration

Yuki declares the VAT of all presented documents. The last Friday of each return period, you will receive a notification from Yuki to supply all invoices from the previous period, unless this has not happened yet. Each month, you will receive a comprehensive report containing a list of possible missing purchase or sales invoices.

Your personal Yuki accountant checks if the VAT declaration is correct. After verification and approval, Yuki sends the tax return for you.

Declare your own VAT via Yuki

A concept of the VAT declaration per tax period is always created automatically in Yuki. When you open this report, you’ll only see a concept version. You can send the declaration from Yuki from the moment the respective reporting period ends.

Your accountant declares your VAT

You can give your accountant access to your personal Yuki account. Through Yuki, the accountant can look into your VAT declaration and, where necessary, update and send it via Yuki to the tax authorities.

VAT declaration

Before your personal Yuki accountant declares your VAT, your administration records are examined to avoid that any deductions in the declaration are overlooked.
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Annual results

Yuki makes assembling annual results an easy task. And at competitive prices, because most of the research is already done by Yuki. Your personal Yuki accountant crosses your t’s and dots your i’s 24/7.
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From € 12.50 Yuki handles the salary slip, wage entries, payroll tax return and the annual statement. Yuki arranges the payments and payroll administration is stated directly in the accounts.
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