Yuki annual results and declarations

In Yuki, your bookkeeping is always up-to-date. So also monthly, quarterly and annually! Assembling annual results and statements is a fast and efficient action. And at a competitive price, because most of sorting out is already done. Your personal Yuki accountant crosses your t’s and dots your i’s 24/7. He calls every month to go through all the figures and adds the final finishing touches. Your bookkeeping is accurate and precise. Reminders of tax authorities belong to the past!

You can always contact us with questions or get advice about the organization of accounting, We sort everything out and think with you. You have to take many business decision? You know for sure these can rely on current data at all times,

The benefits

  • All in one

    From data entry to year results and declarations.

  • Point of call

    For expert guidance and an answer to all your questions.

  • Fast feedback

    And reporting via your own online Yuki portal.

  • Competitive rates

    Annual results and declaration fully taken care of from €660!

VAT declaration

Before your personal Yuki accountant declares your VAT, your administration records are examined to avoid that any deductions in the declaration are overlooked.
Yuki VAT declaration »


From € 12.50 Yuki handles the salary slip, wage entries, payroll tax return and the annual statement. Yuki arranges the payments and payroll administration is stated directly in the accounts.
Yuki payroll »