Data security and privacy as core concern of Yuki

Access protection

Yuki users identify themselves with a username (their own email address) and password. This access protection is realized by Microsoft.NET Forms-Based Security. This means that, for the complete Yuki website, access security is enforced automatically ‘by design and by default’.

Transport security

All traffic between your PC and Yuki’s servers is encrypted by the SSL encryption technology (1024 bit RSA encryption). This means that all data that passes over the internet (such as passwords and financial data) are protected from ‘eavesdropping’ on the data traffic on the internet.

Digital server security

Yuki’s servers are located behind a sophisticated Basewall firewall to prevent unauthorized access via the internet. Because the servers are used exclusively for hosting the Yuki environment, the firewall is configured so strict that almost all traffic is blocked from the internet.

Physical security

Yuki uses the public Web Services cloud from Amazon. Amazon is the leader in cloud infrastructure. Yuki’s servers are located in the datacenters of Amazon Europe. The data is stored with Amazon in Dublin, Ireland, and therefore within the EU and its laws and regulations.


Every night, there is a backup created of each individual Yuki administration. Also, this backup is copied and stored in another data center, located at a different place. This means that, in all the possible calamities, the continuity of the stored data is optimally guaranteed. All database backups within the last seven days can be retrieved.