Discover Yuki bookkeeping

Accounting software for entrepreneurs has been the same for over 25 years. Yuki has managed to change it structurally. All you need for online accounting with Yuki is a scanner, a mobile phone, email, Google Drive or Dropbox. This allows you to deliver your daily administration to us. Go through the four steps and discover Yuki accounting for entrepreneurs and how easy it is to switch.

Yuki portal voor aanleveren boekhouding

Document recognition saves costs

After importing the invoices, documents and receipts through your Yuki portal, they end up directly inside the processing center of Yuki. Available techniques permit the analysis and interpretation of these documents. This way, a large part of the administration will be processed entirely automatically.

Personal supervision and control

If automatic recognition is not entirely possible, the document will be assigned to a well-trained employee of Yuki’s backoffice. This specialist will process and control the document further within 24 hours. Thus, your documents are registered in their complete form. The leaders of Yuki’s accounting team continuously monitor the processing of the records at random. This ensures an even better result.

Controle door jouw vaste contactpersoon

Yuki online boekhouden dashboard

Processed within 24 hours and comprehensive

After processing your submitted documents, a digital archive and a unique insight into the bookkeeping is automatically created. You have access to a personal financial dashboard with 24/7 real-time operational information. This information consists of labour costs, debtors, creditors, business results, bank balance and a list of payment advice.

Easy switch to Yuki

It is inevitable that several issues must be dealt with in the organization of accounting. Although Yuki is very simple to use, it is convenient to be swiftly guided by an expert. By making use of the startup service, you have launched your accounts after one visit. Straightaway, you also get an explanation of how to work effortlessly with our software.