Register and invoice activities with Yuki

With Yuki’s Timesheet module, you can automate the process of writing down and billing your work hours. The module is fully integrated with Yuki. Always up-to-date insight into the time spent per client or project and thus even more control over the debtor management. Yuki Timesheets is suitable for any entrepreneur or company that offers hourly or daily basis services and invoices these to customers.

Register and invoice hours in 4 steps

  • Step 1

    Create work types (interior services and rates).

  • Step 2

    Register hours for a work assignment by relationship or project.

  • Step 3

    Look at the proposal of declaration of activities.

  • Step 4

    Process and send invoices by mail or PDF

Watch the timesheet demo


Overzicht per medewerker, project en klant

Overview per employee, project and customer

You can view weekly and monthly summaries of registered hours. In this way, you have a quick insight into the booked hours per employee, project and client.

Create invoices automatically

Each period, you can rate work performed per client or file and, if necessary, modify and approve. Invoices are then automatically created and linked to the relationship. Now you can quickly send the bills and they are directly in your bookkeeping.

Automatisch facturen aanmaken
Gemakkelijk zaken delegeren via Yuki workflow

Set up your own workflow

To create and approve billable hours, you can set a workflow yourself that fits your business. So you can easily delegate matters to workers who may write and approve hours.

Administer your own invoice layout

You can bill your services in your own house style. Namely, in Yuki’s invoice module you can directly work with different invoice layouts. You can also employ your own stationery background in your invoices.

Eigen factuur lay-out toekennen

Facturen verzenden als e-factuur of per post

Invoice by email or e-invoice (PDF)

For each customer, you can set whether the invoice should be sent by post or by email. You can choose to send a specification of the performed activities.

Enjoy the free trial of one month!

You can try Yuki Timesheets for free for a whole month. If you don’t like it, then simply turn off the service again so you will pay nothing. If you continue using the service after that month, Yuki will charge you €10.00 per month for the additional software as fixed costs.

Additional software modules and services for more functionality

It is possible to expand Yuki’s software with additional software functionalities. All additional modules are easy to order via your personal Yuki portal. All modules can be tried once for the period of one month. If it doesn’t please you, then simply put out then module again.


Do not waste time declaring your hours. Register and invoice with Yuki’s Timesheet module.
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