Receive your payments faster thanks to the Reminder service

Yuki’s Reminder service helps you to quickly receive money from customers. Through a well-timed and considerate process of reminders and warnings, your invoices are more often brought to the attention of your customers in a customer friendly way. This formal process is largely controlled by Yuki and automatically implemented.

The Reminder service

  • Reminder 1 (optional)

    3 days after the invoice’s due date.

  • Reminder 2

    10 days after the invoice’s due date.

  • Reminder 3

    30 days after the invoice’s due date.

  • Notice of default

    45 days after the invoice’s due date.

Automatically set up and sent from Yuki

Automatisch aanmaningen en herinneringen versturen

What if the customer really does not want to pay?

Yuki’s Reminder service helps you with the first two parts of the collection procedure. If, after 60 days, the customer still hasn’t paid, then it is advisable to transfer the debt to a collection agency. Yuki works with various agencies. If required, we can offer a range of companies to choose from.

This additional functionality is a standard feature in Yuki

You do not need to activate this module separately. The functionality is a standard feature in Yuki’s software.

Additional software modules and services for more functionality

It is possible to expand Yuki’s software with additional software functionalities. All additional modules are easy to order via your personal Yuki portal. All modules can be tried once for the period of one month. If it doesn’t please you, then simply put out then module again.


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