Yuki Project administration

Hoe does Yuki Project administration work?

You create your own files. Just look at files as binders where you can put in invoices. You can insert the documents into the files right after you’ve uploaded them or later, after Yuki already has incorporated them into your bookkeeping. A special chart shows all invoices on sales and purchase accounts that haven’t been assigned to a file yet. So you can easily work off a list.

Hoe werkt Yuki projectadministratie?
Inzicht in de marge per project

Understand the margin per project

Working with Yuki Files is extremely simple. You assign your purchase or sales invoices to a file and Yuki gives you an instant overview of the revenues and costs of a particular project. Yuki Files are especially useful to identify the margin on projects .

Also non-financial file management

Do you have lots of small files or projects per year? Use Yuki Files to organize your regular documents (e.g.: correspondence, Word documents, presentations) in a better way. Yuki Files are known to have a special security. This allows you to give access only to certain users so these files can remain confidential.

Ook niet financiële documenten vastleggen in dossiers

Enjoy the free trial of one month!

You can try Yuki Files for free for a whole month. If you don’t like it, then simply turn off the service again so you will pay nothing. If you continue using the service after that month, Yuki will charge you €10.00 per month for additional software as fixed costs.

Additional software modules and services for more functionality

It is possible to expand Yuki’s software with additional software functionalities. All additional modules are easy to order via your personal Yuki portal. All modules can be tried once for the period of one month. If it doesn’t please you, then simply put out then module again.


Do not waste time declaring your hours. Register and invoice with Yuki’s Timesheet module.
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