Payments completely prepared thanks to Yuki’s Payment service

With the Payment service, Yuki checks if your invoices still require a payment transaction from you. If that is the case, for example with payment orders, then Yuki also completes the required information such as the bank account to which must be paid, the payment deadline and the payment reference. Eventually, Yuki puts the bill in the convenient payment list. So you always have an overview of the payments that you still have to perform.

Deliver payments to your bank

If you want to pay, you only need to go to the payment list to indicate which bills you want to pay. Subsequently, Yuki converts those payments for you in a file (called ClieOp file). You can then deliver that file via the website of your bank to the bank. Finally, you only need to authorize the collection of payments using your regular smart card or another authentication method.

Betalingen gebundeld aanleveren
Functiescheiding en autorisatie

Separation of duties and authorization

If your business is a bit bigger, you can enable a separation of duties in Yuki. Invoices are no longer directly in the payment list, but must first be released for payment by a person in your company. So you can rest assured that the bills you want to pay are first examined by a manager or buyer to make sure that the products or services have been delivered and that they were good.

Enjoy the free trial of one month!

You can try Yuki Payment service for free for a whole month. If you don’t like it, then simply turn off the service again so you will pay nothing. If you continue using the service after that month, Yuki will charge €5.00 per month for the additional software as fixed costs.

Additional software modules and services for more functionality

It is possible to expand Yuki’s software with additional software functionalities. All additional modules are easy to order via your personal Yuki portal. All modules can be tried once for the period of one month. If it doesn’t please you, then simply put out then module again.


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