Foreign currency

Working with Foreign currency

Trading with currencies other than the euro makes an administration immediately more complex. An occasional taxi receipt in dollars is still feasible, but regularly sending sales invoices in a different currency or having a bank account in pounds for example, requires different features in the software. Therefore Yuki developed the Foreign currency module.


    • Creation of invoices in foreign currency.
    • Working with price lists in foreign currency.
    • Delivery of scans of sales invoices in foreign currency.
    • Establishment of foreign currency bank accounts.
    • Import of foreign currency statements.
    • Writing off currency differences.
    • Various statements with additional currency information.
Aanleggen van bankrekeningen in vreemde valuta

What to do if I don’t need to apply other currencies very often?

Even without this module, it remains possible to hand in foreign currency recurring invoices or receipts. These are then converted by Yuki and further treated as ordinary euro documents. If you only occasionally have sales invoices, please convert the relevant amount to euros and mention it on the invoice. We will treat that bill as if it were a euro bill.

Enjoy the free trial of one month!

You can try Yuki Foreign currency for free for a whole month. If you don’t like it, then simply turn off the service again so you will pay nothing. If you continue using the service after that month, Yuki will charge you €10.00 per month for the additional software as fixed costs.

Additional software modules and services for more functionality

It is possible to expand Yuki’s software with additional software functionalities. All additional modules are easy to order via your personal Yuki portal. All modules can be tried once for the period of one month. If it doesn’t please you, then simply put out then module again.


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